Lordington Park Residential Care and Convalescent Home's Aims and Objectives

The peaceful surroundings with superb views over the downs, friendly staff and delicious home cooked food help to make Lordington Park a warm and comfortable home from home experience.

Our aims and objectives sit around four key principles, in order for our residents to get the most out of their stay at Lordington Park.

Maintain Independence

At Lordington Park our aim is to enhance life, not restrict it, we work hard to maintain independence within the care environment.

Residents retain control of their lives and are encouraged and helped to make choices about the way they live; including sometimes taking risks associated with such choice.

High Standard of Care

At Lordington Park we believe that when caring for our residents, a holistic approach is essential. Each resident assists in devising an exclusive plan of care which aims towards promoting health and independence and encouraging full potential to be reached.

Individual Needs, Preferences and Beliefs

We understand every resident’s needs, beliefs and preferences are different, and Lordington Park staff will treat residents on an individual basis ensuring the standard of service provided meets the levels our residents come to expect; this includes respecting the residents’ rights to privacy and dignity resulting in a happy place to live.

When decisions need to be made regarding changes in care, the resident and relatives are involved in the decision making process. Residents are able to choose their own doctor, dentist chiropodist, etc.


All residents within Lordington Park are treated with the upmost respect. This includes allowing residents to choose how they wish to be addressed. Whilst first names are often used between residents and staff, how a resident chooses to be addressed is up to their individual wishes.

Social events are organised from time to time in the drawing room. If and when these take place residents will be encouraged to participate; however, their choice in this will be respected.